Victor 4 1/2 Digit 28-Range Digital Multimeter, VC930F

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This VC930F+ is an improved version of the previous model VC930F. With the enhanced features, this 4 1/2 digits multimeter measures capacitance, frequency and more with a high accuracy. It meets the standard of ICE 1010 and CCC safety requirements. The large LCD display gives a clear reading with a stable numbers on all ranges. It uses dual slop A/D conversion chips to make a quick and accurate reading, sampling rate is approximate 3 times per second. It uses a 9 Volt high capacity battery to run the meter that will last for long time.
  • AC/DC V/A Resistance Frequency Capacitance Temperature Diode Continuity
  • 4 1/2 digit display with a maximum reading of 1,9999
  • High accuracy and resolution
  • Data Hold
  • Auto polarity indication
  • Battery low indication
  • Auto power-off

What's in the Box:
  • VC930F+ Meter
  • Test Leads
  • 9V Battery
  • Multi-functional Socket
  • User's Manual

DC V: 0-200mV-2V-20V-200V-1000V
AC V: 2V-20V-200V-750V
DC A: 0-200uA-20mA-200mA-20A
AC A: 20mA-200mA-20A
Resistance: 200Ohm-20K-200K-20M Ohms
Capacitance: 20nF-20uF-200uF
Frequency: 20Khz
Diode Test
Triods hFE Test