About Kaito

Kaito Re-invented Radios.

Kaito is a local small business based on Montclair, California. We integrated solar panel into the Radio DP976 in 1998, and had our famous Dynamo Radio with Solar panel KA007 in year 2000, we are the first company who put all the possible features on the market into one radio, KA700 in 2016, it has Bluetooth connection, NOAA radio, Voice Recorder, MP3 player, Time schedule reorder and Text Browser....

With these features, we are proudly to be the GSA ( Government supplier since 2003, with international bids, our KA500 became the standard radio for the bid among US government and United Nations. With the dedicated efforts to help the army in the middle east, Kaito is awarded by the US army with the appreciation letter and a flag that flown in the fighter in the middle east for the patriot to the country, United States of America.