Used Kaito KA249W Solar Crank LED Camping Lantern with AM FM NOAA Weather Radio

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Used condition; there are signs of use and scratches. The color will be randomly selected; pictures are for reference only. 

The newly released Kaito KA249W is a multi-functional 4-way powered solar & hand crank emergency AM/FM radio combined with a LED camping lantern, giving users a handy versatile camping accessory, job site companion, car gadget or in an emergency situation, such as a hurricane or an earthquake. Made of durable, high-impact plastic, this rugged device can be powered on by different sources, ideal for an emergency situation.

1. Dynamo Power: The hand crank generator charges the internal Lithium Battery.
2. Solar Power: You can play this Radio under the sunlight exposure and it can also charge the built-in Ni-MH batteries.
3. Batteries: 3 AA batteries .
4. AC : AC/DC Adapter not included,

The KA249W comes with a total of 8 LED bulbs for bright illumination, let it be on a campsite or during a power outage at home, and for energy conservation and battery life extension, this LED lantern also has two modes selectable, low or high. To keep you connected to the outside world while you are out in the wild, or get stranded during a natural disaster or an emergency situation, the KA249W features a tuner that covers a wide range of broadcasting including AM/FM for your favorite music, news, sports, traffic and other programs plus all 7 NOAA weather channels, which provide 24/7 real-time local weather conditions as well as emergency alerts. Better yet, this lantern also features a standard USB port to be used to charge cell phone or other USB compatible portable device.

FM: 88 - 108 MHz
AM: 520 -1710 KHz
# of NOAA weather channels: 7
Internal speaker
5V DC input: Micro USB
5V DC output: Standard USB
Rechargeable batteries: 3.7V Li-ion battery 500 mAh
Dimensions: 8 ¼  x 4 ¼  X 4 ¼  inches
Weight:  10.3 oz