Tekpower TP8236 True RMS USB Digital Multimeter AC/DC Voltage Current Capacitance Frequency Resistance Temperature USB Date Logger

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The TekPower TP8236 is a digital True RMS multimeter that can be used to measure AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, and Resistance, Capacitance, and temperature . It can also perform Diode check and continuity test. In addition, it has a USB connection in which you can connect your PC to monitor the real time measurement and also plot and save your data on your computer.

  • True RMS AC/DC Voltage Current Capacitance Frequency Resistance Temperature measuring
  • Diode check and continuity test,relative test,Max/Min hold
  • Automatic and manual range, True RMS, Temperature show in Both °C and °F, selectable
  • Backlight, Datahold, Auto Power
  • Data Logger with USB Connection

What's in the Box:

  • TP8236 Meter
  • User Manual
  • Carrying bag
  • Test lead
  • Muti-Function Socket
  • USB Cable
  • Temperature Probe
  • Software CD

DCV: 60mV-600mV-6V-60V-600V- 1000V (+-0.7%+reading+2)
ACV: 60mV-600mV-6V-60V-600V- 750V (+-0.8% reading +3)
DCA: 600uA-6000uA-60mA-600mA-6A-10A (+-1.2% Reading +3)
ACA: 600uA-6000uA-60mA-600mA-6A-10A (+-1.5% reading +3)
R: 600-6k-60k-600k-6M-60M Ohm (+-1.2% reading +5)
CAP: 10F-100nF-1000nF-10uF-100uF-1000uF-10mF (=-3% reading+ 3)
Freq: 10Hz-100Hz-1000Hz-10kHz-100kHz-1000kHz-10MHz (+-1.0% reading +2)
Diode Test
Connectivity Test
Temperature: -20 °C - 1000 °C, -4°F-1832 °F