Tekpower TP7030 Hybrid Dual Display 8-Function 20-Range Analog & Digital Multimeter with Battery Tester, High Accuracy,Strong Rubber Case Protection

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Tekpower Unique Hybrid Dual Display Multimeter is a combination of a Digital Multimeter and Anlog multimeter. It is built with both high quality electronically and mechanically.
  • Hybrid Dual Display Analog and Digital Multimeter with Strong Rubber Holster for Protection
  • Battery Tester for 1.5V and 9 V Batteries
  • High Accuracy Analog Meter and 3 1/2 Digits Multimeter with Both AC and DC Voltage
  • Zero Adjustable Analog Multimeter easy calibration

AC/DC V:200mV-2V-20V-200V-600V
AC/DC A:200uA-2mA-200mA
DC Current: 10A
Resistance: 200-2K-200K-2M-20M Ohms
Battery Test: 1.5V/9V
Diode and Continuity