Tekpower TP4000ZC PC Based USB Interfaced Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter, MS8220R Alike, Computer DMM

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The Tekpower TP4000ZC is a very popular digital multimeter with a USB interface, via which you can connect your PC to monitor the real time measurement and also plot and save your data on your computer. This meter is auto/manual range selectable, you can use it to measure a wide range of parameters including AC/DC voltage and current, as well as resistance, capacitance, frequency and so on. This meter is brand new in its factory box with a one year manufacturer's warranty.

  • AC/DC V/A Resistance Capacitance Frequency Temperature DIode Test Continuity Buzzer
  • Auto/Manual Range Selectable
  • PC USB Interface, Software Included
  • Relative value measure and display

What's in the Box:
  • TP4000ZC Multimeter
  • Test Leads
  • 2 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Thermo Probe
  • USB Cable 
  • Software & User manual

DCV: 0-4-40-400V±0.5%-1000V±0.8%
ACV: 0-4-40-400V±1.2%-750V±1.5%
DCA: 0-400mA±1.2%-10A±2.0%
ACA: 0-400mA±1.5%-10A±3.0%
R: 0-400-4k-40k-400k-4M±1.2%-40M±3.0%
CAP: 0-4n-400nf±4.0%
Freq: 0-40kHz±3.0%
Audible continuity: <30ohm
Transistor: hFE: 0-1000
Diode test: 25uA,3.0V
Batt: 9Vx1 , NEDA 1604 / 6F22