Tekpower TP3005DC, DC Power Supply 30V 5A,Computer Controlled With Direct Input Set Up,Surge Protection,Higher Precision & Lower Ripple 110V or 220V Input, AC Power Cord Included, Like TP3005D,HY3005D

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The Tekpower TP3005DC is a single-output DC variable power supply. But It is unique and revolutionary from many others on the market. It is a Digital Key In Type and Surge Protection Power Supply.
1. The single chip computer used in the power supply is precision in producing the output voltage and current, when it is set to a certain current, the computer control the output and regulates the current and voltage with high resolution based on the feedback from the device under test. The Digital Control makes the Power Supply at low ripple and precise output.
2. The Surge Protection: Most of the low cost power supplies has no control on the output, when you turn off the unit with the device connected with, the surge voltage will damage the device quickly, your power supply maybe a killer of the device. TP3005DC has the button to safely control the output, it is easy to protect your device!

  • Digital Computer Controlled Power Supply with Continuous voltage adjustment from 0 to 30 volts, current from 0 to 5 amps
  • Output Surge Protection for Devices under Powered
  • 110V/220V seletable Input, you can use it in USA or Europe
  • Light Weight and Back-lit LCD digital display


What's in the Box:

  • DC Power Supply
  • Input AC Cable
  • Instruction Manual

Operating Conditions:
Input Voltage: AC 110V and 220V (the default voltage is 110V)
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Working Temperature: -10°C ~ 40 °C
Relative Humidity: ‹ 90%
Stable Voltage: The output voltage is between 0 and nominal value continuously adjustable

  • Voltage Stability: ≤0.005% +1mV
  • Load Stability: ≤ 0.005% +1mV
  • Recovery Time: ≤100µS
  • Ripple Noise: ≤1 MVRMS(RMS)
  • Temperature Coefficient: ≤ 200PPM/°C

Stable Current:

  • Power Stability: 0.1% + 1mA
  • Load Stability: 0.2% + 2mA
  • Ripple Noise : ≤1mArms(RMS)


  • Check Voltage set before plug in.
  • Ventilation: Fan and Radiator at the rear of the equipment should Not be Blocked out
  • Please don't use it in a place where the environmental temperature exceeds 45°C