TekPower TP2018S AC/DC Voltage AC Current NVC Resistance Clamp Meter Multimeter

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The TekPower TP2018S is an AC/DC clamp meter, it can be used to measure AC/DC voltage and AC current as well as resistance. It can also perform continuity test and clamp frequency measurement. In addition, it has many useful features such as backlight and auto power off. Finally, this meter has LPF(low-pass filter) that allows more accurate reading for AC voltage and current. For your convenience, it comes with a carrying pouch. Test lead, user manual, and battery.


DCV: 0-600V
ACV: 0-600V
ACA: 6A/60A/400A/600A
Resistance: 6k/60k/600k/6M/10M Ohm
Clamp frequency: 60Hz - 1000Hz
Continuity test
MAX. Diameter for conductor: 1 inches
Dimensions: 7 X 2.5 X 1 inches
Weight: APPROX. 8oz (including battery)
What's in the box:

TP2018S Clamp Meter: 1
Test leads: 1 pair
User manual: 1
Carrying pouch: 1
AAA Battery: 2