Tekpower TP2001 16-ft Lockable Tape Measure with 1.8" (diameter) LCD Writing Memo Pad

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Combining both classic time-tested design and modern LCD technologies, taking measurements with the Tekpower TP2001 tape measure has never been easier or faster.

  • Taking measurements made fast and easy with Tekpower’s 16-foot by ¾ inch measuring tape with a slide blade lock for retaining measurement, a belt-clip and a lanyard for easy carriage
  • Features a 1.8” in diameter LCD writing pad for jotting down previous measurements, quick notes, reminders, and etc., easy to erase and reset with a single button press, lasts well over 10,000 write-erase cycles
  • Easy-to-read yellow blade with dual scales (Imperial & Metric system) graduated in 1/32-inch and 1mm, plus 16-inch stud center markings for added convenience
  • Writes with ease and style with the included stylus, an integrated stylus holder for convenient storage and quick access
  • Constructed with impact-resistant ABS materials plus steel blade with special-formulated coating for maximum usability and unparalleled durability, an indispensable tool for professionals and DIYers