Tecsun PL380 DSP AM FM Shortwave LW PLL Radio Receiver PL-380 Gray

Tecsun PL380 DSP AM FM Shortwave LW PLL Radio Receiver PL-380 Gray

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Tecsun PL-380 DSP (Digital Signal Processing) FM stereo.MW.SW.LW multi band portable radio. This radio is using DSP si4734 Micro-chips (from Silicon Labs in USA) to digitalize the analog MW / FM / SW broadcasting signal base on the modern software technology and radio principles. It can highly improve on radio's sensitivity, selectivity, S/N ration and anti-interference.

This TECSUN PL-380 with New Function - ETM (Easy Tuning Mode)

This function is similar to ATS (Auto-tuning Storage).ETM can scan through the whole frequency band and select all the available stations. However, unlike ATS, ETM will not store or replace those exiting memories with the new scan. It works just like a fast tuner; it is easily tune to the next available station by a click of the tuning wheel. You may find this function is useful when you are travelling to other country! Because you can use ETM to scan through the frequency band without delete or replace any of the memory that is stored back home.Moreover, I found that ETM can scan for more weak channels than ATS. It seems like ATS is only search for those strong available channels for enjoyment; but on the other hand, ETM is able to search for rest of missing link.

The alarm functions that you can wake by buzzer or to your favorite radio station.

Radio Specs:
FM : 87 ~ 108MHz (Russia 64 ~ 108MHz, Japan 76 ~ 108MHz, USA 87.5 ~ 108MHz)
MW : 522 ~ 1620kHz (USA 520 ~ 1710kHz) with 9kHz / 10kHz tuning step selectable
AM IF bandwidth : 1, 2, 3, 4, 6kHz
LW : 153KHz to 513KHz
SW : 2300KHz to 21950KHz

Seven tuning mode selectable:
1) Easy Tuning Mode (ETM)
2) Jog dial manual tuning
3) Auto scan tuning (VF)
4) Pre-setting manual scan tuning
5) Memory pre-setting auto scan tuning
6) Memory pre-setting address direct entry tuning

What is in the Box:

PL-380 Radio


FM/SW External Antenna

Carrying Bag

English User Manual