Used Tecsun PL330 AM FM Shortwave DSP Radio with Single Side Band Receiver

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Used condition, there are signs of use and scratches. Radio ONLY, no accessories are included.

The latest released radio Tecsun PL-330 is a portable AM FM Shortwave PLL DSP receiver radio with SSB and Synchronous Detection. It comes with Tecsun's new ETM+ feature which gives the possibility of setting up time-specific memories for longwave, medium wave (AM) and shortwave. It uses USB Micro for charging where you can use either use computer USB or USB adapter(not included) to charge the radio. In addition, it has a 3.5mm earphone jack for earphone and a antenna jack for FM and SW antenna.

Special Features:
Synchronous detection & SSB
SSB (USB / LSB) fine tuning steps at 10 Hz

Antenna socket (3.5mm) for FM / SW
AM bandwidth settings:
LW/MW: 2.5, 3.5, and 9.0 kHz, SW: 2.5, 3.5, 5.0 kHz,SSB: 0.5, 1.2, 2.2, 3.0 and 4.0 kHz

Frequency Range:

FM:    64 – 108 MHz 

Four settings:

64.0 – 108 MHz

76.0 – 108 MHz

87.0 – 108 MHz

88.0 – 108 MHz

Tuning steps of 100 kHz

Fine tuning steps of 10 kHz

MW:  520 – 1710 kHz 

Two settings:

522 - 1620 kHz (tuning steps of 9 kHz)

520 - 1710 kHz (tuning steps 10 kHz)

Tuning steps of 9 kHz or 10 kHz

Fine tuning steps of 1 kHz

LW:   153 kHz to 513 kHz

Tuning steps of 9 kHz

Fine tuning steps of 1 kHz

SW:   1711 kHz to 29999 kHz 

Tuning steps of 5 kHz

Fine tuning steps of 1 kHz

Tuning Methods:

Direct keypad entry

Auto scan

Manual dial tuning

Storing Stations Methods:

Manually: Tune into a station using the knob and then store them

Storing stations during auto-scan

Auto Tuning Storage (ATS): Automatically tune and store stations

(Recall stations by browsing the memory manually or by auto-scan)

Enhanced Tuning Mode (ETM+): Create time-specific memories for LW/MW/SW

Basic Features:

Multi-functional Digital Display shows:

Meter band & frequency

Memory location

Signal indicator: S/N ratio and strength

Clock & Alarm (24-hour format)

Battery indicator
850 stations storage locations

FM stereo / mono selection

Alarm by radio

Snooze function – 5 minutes

Sleep timer from 1 - 120 minutes

LCD backlight (always-on or auto-off)

Keylock function

Antenna socket (3.5mm) for FM / SW

Earphone jack (3.5 mm; 1/8 inch; 32 ~ 150Ω)

Speaker (8Ω, 0.25W)

Built-in Charging System to charge lithium (Li-ion) rechargeable battery
 Battery Power: BL-5C lithium (Li-ion) battery

Charging: DC 5V / 500mA

Unit size 5.5 x 3.5 x 1 inches (W x H x D)



FM (S / N = 30dB) < 3uV

MW (S / N = 26dB) < 1mV/m

LW (S / N = 26dB) < 10mV/m

SW (S / N = 26dB) < 20uV


FM > 60dB

MW / LW > 60dB

SW > 60dB

SYNC lock range: +/- 1kHz

IF Frequency (DSP): 

AM: 45 kHz

FM: 128kHz

FM Stereo Crosstalk: 35dB

Output Power: Approx. 200mW