Tecsun PL310ET FM Stereo/SW/MW/LW World Band PLL DSP Radio

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TECSUN PL-310ET Radio using American si4734 digital signal processing (DSP) chip. Digitally convert analog FM broadcast signals, and use modern software radio principles for processing coordination, and greatly improve sensitivity, selectivity, signal-to-noise ratio and anti-interference ability.

1.【A World Band Radio】

① FM

② SW

③ MW (AM)

④ LW

2.【Memory radio】



③ Manually save the station

3.【Clock Radio】

① Automatic shutdown function

② Set the daily time

4.【FM/SW Antenna Jack】

√ You can use external antenna to improve the FM SW signal.

5.【Headphone Jack】

① Enjoy your personal time!

② TECSUN PL310ET radio with a 3.5mm earphone jack to listen freely!

6.【Portable Radio】

① TECSUN PL310ET Radio is a portable radio, convenient in size and weight.

②Perfect for travel, camping, vacation and study.

7.【Temperature Mode】

√ ℃

√ ℉

8.【Power mode】

① USB cable charging power supply (NOT INCLUDED)

② AA battery supply (NOT INCLUDED)

▶[Frequency Range]

1.Standard frequency range: 87~108 MHz

China, Europe and the United States: 87.5~108 MHz

2.SW: 2300~21950 kHz

3.LW: 153~513 kHz

4.MW (AM): Asia, Africa and Europe: 522~1620 kHz

North America: 520-1710kHz

▶[Noise limit sensitivity]

1.FM (S / N = 30dB) > 3uV

2.SW (S / N = 26dB) > 20uV

3.AM (S / N = 26dB)> 1mV/m

4.LW (S / N = 26dB) > 10 mV/m