Tecsun PL Seies Radio Stainless Steel Replacement Telescopic Antenna for Tecsun PL880, PL660,PL390, Radios

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This is a replacement antenna for PL series Tecsun Radios. The original antenna is made from Copper which is durable and easy to make, but it is easy to break it. As the antenna is the main part of the SW radios, you need a good one to work with it, if yours is broken or bend, this is a right one to buy.
Kaito as the exclusive distributor for Tecsun Radios in Northern America, we provide the Original Replacement antenna, but It is an upgrade model, it is Stainless Steel material. With this steel quality, it is Not easy to break it.
It will last much longer and receives better, the stainless steel has a much better electromagnetic character that make the radio more sensitive than the copper antenna, the cost is More than the Copper one.
This listed antenna is made by Tecsun and fits all the models listed here, especially the new released PL880.Make sure you are buying and ship from Electronnix, we are the exclusive Distributor, if you get it from other sellers, we can not guarantee the quality.