Tecsun AN-48x Active Loop AM Longwave Shortwave Radio Antenna

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The Tecsun AN-48x is an active loop antenna for AM, shortwave, and longwave radios. It is designed to improve AM, shortwave and longwave radio reception. It includes adapters to connect the antenna to BNC and RCA sockets. This greatly simplifies hooking up the antenna to Tecsun receivers like S-2000 and S-8800, while it is just as easy to use with H-501, PL-990, PL-880 and the rest of the "PL"-family.

Basic Operation:

1) After connecting the antenna to the radio, tune the radio to a desired radio station.

2) Switch the antenna amplifier to the corresponding frequency band and power on the control box.

3) Adjust the frequency and signal level knobs to enhance the signal.

For Shortwave:

Connect AN-48x to the external SW antenna jack of your radio, if available. If not available, use the Black and Red connectors to connect the antenna with the telescopic antenna of your radio and a self-made ground wire.

For AM and Longwave:

Connect AN-48x to the external AM/LW antenna jack of your radio, if available. If not available, connect the control box to the included ferrite coupler and place it near the built-in AM antenna of your radio. For pocket sized radios, use the included base station to keep the ferrite coupler near the AM antenna more conveniently.


2 x AAA battery (not included)

What is in the box:

English user manual
Amplifier with antenna wire
Control box
TRS male - TRS male cable
TRS female - BNC male cable
TRS female - RCA male cable
TRS female - Black/Red alligator clips
Ferrite coupler
Base station to support pocket radios
Suction cup
Hanging clip
Loop extension rod