Sinometer UT207 Professional In Rush True RMS Auto-ranging AC/DC Clamp Meter

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The Sinometer OEM, made by Uni-Trend UT207 is a professional Auto/Manual range True RMS AC/DC clamp meter, it can be used to measure AC/DC voltage and current. This clamp meter has inrush current measurement, which is designed to capture inrush current accurately and synchronously and provide readings that accurately depict what the circuit protector experiences. Also you can use it to measure resistance, frequency, continuity test & diode check. For your convenience, it comes with an ABS plastic carrying case.


Display: 6666 COUNTS
DCV : 6.600/66.00/600.0 V ± 0.8%
ACV: 6.600/66.00/600.0 V ± 1.2%
DCA: 66.00A ± 2.0% 1,000A ± 2.0%
ACA: 66.00A ± 2.0% 1,000A ± 2.0%
Resistance: 660.0 ohm ± 1.2% 6.600K/66.00K/660.0K ohm ± 1.0% 6.600M ohm ± 1.2%, 66.00M ohm ± 1.5%
Frequency: 660.0/6.600K/66.00K/660.0K/6.600M/66.00MHz ± 0.1%
Diode check
Continuity test
MAX. Diameter for conductor: Φ45 mm
Dimensions: 285 x 105 x 45 mm
Weight: APPROX. 533 g (including battery)

True RMS (AC only)
Relative value measurement
Max / Min
Auto/manual range
Data hold
What's in the box:
UT207 Clamp Meter: 1
Test leads: 1 pair
User manual: 1
Carrying case: 1
9V Battery: 1 (installed)