Sinometer MD-2G Wood Moisture Meter - To Measure the Percentage of Water in Given Substance (Wood, Sheetrock, Carpets and More) (Range 6% - 24% RH)

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This is a Two Pin Moisture Meter that give you a quick reading on the percentage of the water / Moisture contented in the single most important factor affecting the quality of wood. A wood moisture meter is a sure way to help minimize moisture problems in lumber production, drying, and in all phases of furniture manufacturing and woodworking. Proper use of this meter can insure that wood will maintain dimensional stability and prevent costly defects, such as surface checks, splits, warping and eliminating from occurring.

  • 2-pin timber Wood moisture meter with higher accuracy
  • Good for checking moisture content of wood, fiber, bamboo, cotton, paper, tobacco
  • 6%-24% measurement scope
  • Quick reading less than a second