Sinometer DC & AC Non-contact Voltage Detector, DCY25

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Important Notice: You have to touch the button on the end of the tester to make a loop to take the test !
  • Magic inductance AC/DC voltage detector, UL listed
  • No battery needed, always ready to use

How to use: 1. To check the voltage, hold the end button which is a ground and connect the tip to the point you want to check, the display will show the voltage range immediately. 2. To identify the wires, hold the second button ( close to LCD) , when the wire is detected, A spark sign will show on the display area. 3. To check a broken point on a wire, just following the hot wire with spark sign on, when the spark sign disappears, there is a broken point on the wire. It will become handy when you check your holiday lights. Just Be Careful: You need to touch the end of the meter to read, the rear end is the ground, if you do not touch it, there is No loop on the thing to see the LCD sign.