MASTECH MS6450 Ultrasonic Measure Distance Meter Laser Pointer Measure Green

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Please note that the color may be green or black.

The MS6450 distance meter allows quickly and accurately measure the distance from one given point to another. One can measure the distance of the room from wall to wall and determine the area and the volume of the given room by means of that device. Laser distance estimator MS6450 will automatically convert received values from meters to feet and visa versa.

Features :
  • Calculate length, area and volume accurately and quickly.
  • Laser to target the point to which you want to measure.
  • Auto converts feet to meters.
  • With back light.
  • 10 hours of continuous dynamic measurement with alkaline battery.

Specifications :
Measurement range : 0.6 to 15m (2 to 50 feet)
Recommended operating environment : in doors
Accuracy : ±0.5%±1digit
Resolutions : 0.01m (1feet)
Aperture angle : approx. ±5 degrees
Laser diode type : Red laser diode 650nm
Power : 9V (not include)
Battery life : 10 hours
Item size : 14 x 5.7 x 3.8cm

Calculation range :
Length : 9999m
Area : 99999m2
Volume : 99999m3