Kaito P1 Battery Free Wireless Wall Electrical Outlet Remote Switch Control (1 Outlet Receiver/Adapter + 1 Transmitter/Switch),On Off Switch

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  • Turning on or off your out-of-reach lamps, lights, or appliances from afar and in comfort with just a finger press on the battery-free and waterproof switch made possible by innovative technology that converts kinetic energy to electric power, easy to mount with either a 3M double-sided adhesive tape or drywall mounting hardware, suitable for both indoors and outdoors (adhesive tape & mounting hardware are included)
  • Strong RF signals transmits through doors, walls, and other obstacles without causing interference with other electronics devices, long range transmission of up to 230 feet, line of sight
  • Plug-n-play and hassle-free operation, no complicated set-up or wiring required, pre-programmed for immediate use, ideal for senior citizens and people who are physically challenged
  • Easy system expansion, sync up to a total of 3 switches/transmitters with 1 single outlet adapter/receiver, and pair unlimited number of outlet adapter/receiver with 1 remote switch/transmitter (additional remote switches and outlets sold separately)
  • Suitable locations include but not limited to attached and detached garages, basements, sheds, workshops, retail shops, office buildings, front offices, and etc.

Converting a conventional wall outlet to a smart one that can be remotely controlled with a single finger press from a distance of up to 230 feet away, the Kaito P1 battery-free outlet remote control kit is an easy and convenient solution for switching on/off lights, appliances, devices at out-of-reach locations, or devices without built-in on/off switches, it could also be of great assistance to people with challenged mobility.

The  P1 is easy and quick to set up, it comes with 1 remote switch and 1 outlet adapter/receiver, pre-programmed, ready for immediate use. Additional remote control or receiver are available to be purchased separately. The receiver has a manual on/off switch and power-on light indication, it plugs into any standard wall outlets. When turned off, it will cut power to the connected device, thus eliminating wasteful idle power consumption.

Remote switch/transmitter:
  • Transmission frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • Maximum transmission range: 230 feet
  • Power: Self-powered
  • Dimension: 2 ¼” X 2 ¼” X ¾“
  • Weight: 1.2 oz

Outlet adapter/receiver:
  • Power input: 120V/60Hz
  • Plug Format: B - US style with ground plug
  • Socket Format: B - US style with ground
  • Max Load: 3,000 w
  • Dimension: 3 ¾ x 2 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 2.9 oz

What's in the Box:

  • Outlet Receiver: 1 of ea
  • R/C Transmitter: 1 of ea
  • Mounting hardware: 1 set