Kaito KA888 4-way Powered Emergency Radio, AM FM Shortwave Bands, and Comes with Alarm Clock, Thermometer,Compass and Flashlight

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The Kaito Voyager KA888 is a sister product of Kaito's widely praised emergency radios KA007, KA008 and KA009. With its revolutionary design and versatile functions, it's an ideal companion for emergency preparedness purposes, outdoor activities as well as traveling. Specifically designed for emergency situations, the KA888 offers different methods to power itself. Those methods include AC/DC adapter (included), three AA batteries (not included), the built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery which can be recharged from the AC adapter or by hand crank. At the heart of the KA888, there is an internal generator that charges the internal Ni-MH battery pack and powers the radio, flashlight, siren & etc. You can use the KA500 to receive a wide range of broadcasting including AM, FM and shortwave. Standard accessories include AC adapter, earphones & user manual. Radio Bands AM:525 KHz 1710KHz, FM:88MHz-108 MHz Two Continuous short wave bands: SW1: 6.00- 12.00 MHz SW2: 12.00- 18.50MHz

  • It comes with all gadgets you need for emergency and sporting
  • It combines a sensitive compass, a thermometer,  a siren, a clock and alarm, and the important combination is the flash light you need in a dark night, even the dial needle is built in illumines material