Kaito KA404W Emergency Hand Crank Dynamo 5-LED Flashlight with AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio With Cellphone Charger and Built-in Lithium Rechargeable Battery (White)

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The Kaito KA404W combines a sturdy 5-LED flashlight with an AM/FM/NOAA Weather radio, giving users a handy versatile camping accessory, job site companion, car gadget or in an emergency situation, such as a hurricane or an earthquake.
Made of durable, high-impact plastic, the rugged device features 5 super bright LEDs, each of which is rated at 15,000 MCD, and it can last for 10 minutes if cranked for 1 minute. The flashlight is great for illuminating a campsite or dimly lit work area, campers will also enjoy the radio and its built-in speaker and telescoping FM antenna, which improves reception in out-of-the-way locations.
This handy flashlight has is built with a lithium rechargeable battery, you can crank to charge it. The battery is built with a protection circuit, you can charge it up very quickly even after long time no use.
The AM/FM and NOAA Weather bands are in all great reception , the Silicon Lab Chips made this radio outstanding from many low cost radios. The NOAA and AM are both clear even far away from broadcasting stations.
It can be charged by USB charger or it can charge out as a power source for cellphones. It comes with a Micro-USB cable that you can use it to charge cellphone with it.
It is built with a Siren that you can use it for emergency alarm when in an emergency situation like earthquake, it saves life if you have it handy.
To keep this flashlight in a car is a must for many people who travel a long way, in a dark, you will find this flashlight is important to have!