Kaito KA340 5-Way Powered Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern & Emergency AM/FM/SW NOAA Weather Alert Radio with Bluetooth, Flashlight, 5V USB Mobile Phone Charger, MP3 Player & Siren, Gold

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  • 5-Way powered do-it-all camping lantern and emergency radio: hand crank generator, photovoltaic cells, built-in li ion rechargeable battery (non-replaceable), 5V micro USB input (charging cable included), 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Comprehensive broadcasting coverage includes local AM/FM, 24/7 NOAA weather channels as well as shortwave stations around the globe; Weather alert function automatically activates the radio in the event of an emergency, such as hurricane, earthquake, flood, tornado, thunderstorm, wild fire, and other warnings
  • Built-in li-ion 2,300 mAh rechargeable battery provides 16 hours of lighting, or 20 hours radio playing time, or fully charges most of the mobile phones once with a standard plug-n-charge 5V USB output, compatible with both Apple and Android smart phones
  • Playing your favorites tunes loud and clear by wireless streaming from your smart phone, tablet computer, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device, or using a micro-SD memory card (MP3 only and 32GB maximum)
  • A versatile and indispensable device for every household, and a dependable and reliable tool even when everything else fails, suitable applications include camping, backpacking, picnic, other outdoors recreational activities, and emergency / disaster preparedness, roadside emergency, and etc.

A "do-it-all" Lantern

Features at a glance:

  • Bright 8-LED camping lantern
  • Long-lasting 5-LED Flashlight
  • High sensitivity AM|FM|SW|NOAA weather band radio
  • Weather alert
  • MP3 player with SD card reader, capacity  up to 32GB
  • Wireless Bluetooth connect with mobile phone
  • Built-in microphone for Bluetooth voice function
  • Powered by cranking, solar, 5V DC USB, rechargeable lithium battery or AA Batteries
  • Siren alarm
  • Plug-n-charge 5V USB mobile phone charger
  • Integrated handle design, easy to carry or use

Comprehensive broadcast coverage includes AM, FM, Shortwave plus all 7 NOAA national weather channels with real-time alert.

  • AM: 520kHz - 1710kHz
  • FM: 87.5MHz - 108.0MHz
  • SW1: 3.20MHz - 8.00MHz
  • SW2: 9.00MHz - 18.00MHz
  • WB: 162.400MHz -162.550MHz(CH1 - CH7)

Be Prepared

Life is full of uncertainties, emergencies often occur unexpectedly and natural disasters sometimes strike without any warning signs. The least we could do is to be prepared by having important emergency supplies readily available, making a plan for yourself and your loved ones, and being informed. Such simple and easy actions will make all the difference should our worst fear be realized. With Kaito's new revolutionary multi-functional emergency lantern/radio, together we can make a difference!

Versatility Has a Whole New Different Meaning

  • Wireless audio streaming from a Bluetooth compatible device, such as a mobile smartphone, or an MP3 player
  • Plug-n-play MP3 player with a micro-SD card reader that supports a micro-SD card up to 32 GB (MP3 files ONLY)

A dependable tool when everything else fails

Over the years, Kaito has proudly supplied millions of radios and lanterns to the State Department, the United States Army, the United Nations, American Red Cross and other government agencies and NGOs for their humanitarian relief efforts. It's hard to believe, but often times a radio is the only way to connect with the outside world in some parts of the globe, and radio broadcasting has become an important and effective tool helping the US and its allies build strong relationship with the locals and educate them to stand up against conflicts and extremism, which in return makes our troops and diplomats safer and more successful in their missions.

*No Endorsement of Kaito by the US Department of Defense, Department of State, United Nations, American Red Cross or by their personnel is intended or implied.