Kaito KA29 All in one World Receiver with Recorder, AM FM SW Radio and MP3 Player

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A radio with all features you need. KA29 is our latest all in one radio, it combines AM/FM/SW with Voice recorder and MP3 player.

Kaito makes this radio to meet all needs for radio lovers and music fans. With a super long telescopic antenna ( 21 Inches) the shortwave is in great sensitivity that picks up most stations in the world. It is a DSP ( Digital Signal Processor) featured radio that all the signals are processed by a computer chip to give you the sound quality and easy to use.

It is a great fun to have this radio, the radio is still a major way of receiving information for free, this radio is built with latest DSP chips, so the sound quality is crystal clear with our best selected speaker.

  1. FM: 87.00-108.00Mhz
  2. AM: 520-1710 Khz
  3. SW: 2.30- 23.00 Mhz
  4. Voice Recorder: Mic Or Radio recorder selectable
  5. MP3 Player, plays WMA format
  6. Lithium battery for a long time playing
  7. Small size for pocket use; 5.25"X3"X0.9" Inches
  8. Light Weight: 6.2 Ounces
  9. Alarm Clock and Sleep mode
  10. Aux Input to use it as a computer speaker because of its high sound quality
  11. Ways to tune in a station
  12. Repeat mode to play back the store music or sound
  13. E Book for saving memos
  14. 248 Station Memories
  15. Multi-Language English, Chinese