Kaito KA114 Plug-in Digital Battery-free Wireless Doorbell with Self-powered Pushbutton and 38 Selectable Ring Tones

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This is a Doorbell likes no other, No battery needed, Big save on Money every year ! The push button has no battery inside, you do not need to replace the battery at all, it works with No extra Power, Just a push of button . This newly invented door Chime has changed the idea of using a door bell, what you need to do is plugging the Doorbell Receiver on to any power outlet in the house, and set the push button near your door, you are all set, and you start to use the door bell. Never worry about the batteries in the Button or the Bell, so simple and easy !

Working range for 70 meters with no block, from the Chime Box, you have 25 melodies to select. The built-in melodies are easy to select, just a push of button on the box.
    • Battery-free and waterproof push button made possible by innovative technology that converts kinetic energy to electric power, easy to mount with either a double-sided adhesive tape or drywall mounting hardware, suitable for both indoors and outdoors (adhesive tape & mounting hardware are included)
      • Strong RF signals transmits through doors, walls, and other obstacles without causing interference with other electronics devices, long range transmission of up to 360 feet, line of sight

      • Easy system expansion, sync up to a total of 10 push buttons/transmitters with 1 single doorbell/receiver, and pair unlimited number of doorbells with 1 push button (additional push buttons and doorbells sold separately)

      • 38 selectable ring tones with mute option and 3-level volume adjustment, plus bright blue flashing LED indication, a convenient feature for noisy environments or people with challenged hearing

      • Suitable locations include but not limited to apartments, RVs, mobile homes, detached garages, workshops, retail shops, office buildings, front offices, and etc.

      Certificate: CE Color: white
      Material: ASA & ABS plastic
      Power supply: receiver: AC100V, 60Hz;
      Transmitter: self-powered Ideal transmission distance (open field): 70 meter
      Radio frequency: 433MHz
      Sound level: 85dB (at 1m/ 3ft)
      Power consumption: <200mw
      Transmitter operating temperature: -40 to 60 Celsius degree Receiver operating temperature: -10 to 40 Celsius degree
      Transmitter size: 8.7 * 4.5 * 3cm/ 3.4 * 1.7 * 1.2 inches
      Transmitter weight: 75g/ 2.6oz
      Receiver size: 8.5 * 7.7 * 2.7cm/ 3.3 * 3.0 * 1.0 inches
      Receiver weight: 86g/ 3oz
      Package size: 20 * 18 * 7.7cm/ 7.8 * 7.0 * 3.0 inches
      Package weight: 222g/ 7.8oz

      Please read reviews and learn how to synchronize and work in pairs, you can program them to work together, one button for more bells, Cool !