Kaito KA503 Emergency Wind-up 5-LED Flashlight with AM/FM Radio

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The Kaito KA503 combines a sturdy 5-LED flashlight with an AM/FM radio, giving users a handy versatile camping accessory, job site companion, car gadget or in an emergency situation, such as a hurricane or an earthquake. Made of durable, high-impact plastic, the rugged device features 5 super bright LEDs, each of which is rated at 15,000 MCD, and it can last for 10 minutes if cranked for 1 minute. The flashlight is great for illuminating a campsite or dimly lit work area, campers will also enjoy the FM radio and its built-in speaker and telescoping FM antenna, which improves reception in out-of-the-way locations.

  • Super-bright 5-LED flashlight
  • Charge by easy hand-cranking action, lasts 10 minutes cranked 1 minute
  • AM/FM radio with telescopic antenna
  • No need for replaceing batteries or bulbs