Hisonic PA687S 80W Speaker System with Dual VHF Wireless Microphone

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The Hisonic portable PA (public address) system PA687S includes a 80 watts powered speaker, a dual VHF wireless microphone system and one tripod speaker stand. It has everything you need for your sound amplification applications. No extra equipment to purchase! Open the boxes, plug them in and switch them on, let the show begin! The 8-inch speaker is rated at 80 watts continuously with a 150 watts peak power, it has a standard 1/4" microphone input jack where the speaker will be connected to the receiver of the wireless microphone system. The VHF dual wireless microphone system comes with two belt-pack transmitters and two hand-held microphones, the two VHF belt-pack transmitters come with two lapel microphones & two headset microphones. You can use any combination of two microphones at the same time without interference. In order for your audience to enjoy the sound amplification to its fullest, it's very important to install your speaker at the proper height. That's where the speaker stand comes into play. It can effectively double the power output from your speaker in a large room by improving clarity and coverage. Conservatively rated at 95 LBS weight on the center tube, The Hisonic speaker stand is adjustable from 43 inches to 81 inches, its non-slip rubber feet spread from 32" to 44", giving listeners an array of heights from which to choose. All metal surfaces are finished in flat black powder coat for long lasting good looks. Designed and engineered with precision construction, it offers perfect balance, durability and light weight and allows maximum flexibility for quick, easy, and portable operation