Hisonic HS308V Portable Handheld VHF Wireless Microphone

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  • A portable self-contained wireless microphone system includes a battery-powered ( 2 AA batteries required, not included) dynamic handheld VHF wireless microphone and a battery powered ( 1 AA battery required, not included) receiver
  • Fool-proof operation: simply plug the receiver’s TRS ¼ connector into an amplifier, a mixer, a powered speaker, a PA system, a digital camera or any device with a microphone input jack (a plug adapter may be needed) and switch on the cordless handheld microphone/receiver, time to rock the show!
  • VHF signals transmit up to 150-feet with little distortion and interference in combination with a uni-directional microphone with wide frequency response and high sensitivity
  • Compact size and lightweight, both microphone and receiver fit easily in a suitcase, a backpack, a purse for convenient carriage, an ideal and indispensable accessory for a wide range of applications such as singing contest, public speaking, oral presentation, religious gatherings, and so on
  • Peace of mind: backed up by a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year manufacturer’s warranty serviced by Hisonic International at its headquarter in California



  • Microphone
    • Frequency: 220 MHz - 270 MHz
    • Power supply: AA x 2
    • Frequency Stability: 50 PPM
    • Frequency response: 60 Hz -13 KHz
    • Transmitting Power: 10mW (±1)
    • Transmission range: 150 feet maximum
    • Operating current: ≤ 100 mA
  • Receiver
    • Power supply: AA x 1
    • Connector type
    • Modulation mode: FM
    • Receiver Sensitivity: >12dBU (S/N=40dB)
    • S/N: < 90 dB