Hisonic HS2300 Wireless Microphone System with 2 Handheld Microphone

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This easy-to-use and affordable dual wireless microphone starter set from Hisonic includes two handheld wireless microphones and a wireless FM receiver, giving you the range and enhanced mobility you need (around 30 meters in good position!). 
This microphone system is not only economical, but practical -- it will do the trick for almost any occasion, from meetings or corporate events, to speeches or ceremonies, or even to emcee a party or host a karaoke night. 


Carrier Frequency: VHF 210- 260MHz; 
Frequency Steadying: Less Than 0.002%; 
Modulation Mode: FM; 
Crystal controlled stabilizer; 
Audio Dynamic Range: Over 90 dB; 
Audio Frequency Response: 80Hz – 14KHz +- 3dB; 
Audio Output level: 0- 300mV, 3 ways out put on 2 sockets; 
S/ N ratio: Over 70 dB; 
T.H.D. Less than 0.5%; 
Sensitivity: 3uV for 30dB S/ N; 
F/ N ratio: over 80 dB; 
P/ N ratio: over 80 dB; 
Output power: 10mW; 
Transmitter power: 2 X 9V battery.