Hisonic HS128MP3 Lithium Rechargeable Battery Wireless Portable PA System with USB & SD Port MP3 Player with Car Cigarette Lighter Cable (HS120B+MP3 Player), White

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The Hisonic HS128MP3 seamlessly combines a powerful 50 watts (Max) speaker with a VHF wireless microphone system into one portable PA system. It has everything you need for your sound amplification applications.Plus a MP3 Player. No assembly required! Open the box, turn on the switch, put battery in the microphone and switch it on, let the show begin!.
This system is built in MP3 Player, it plays from USB thumb drive or a SD Card. It streaming music from either storage and plays back from the full response speaker. You can make a Karaoke from this system.
The speaker is built-in with a long-life high-capacity Lithium rechargeable battery, ideal for outdoor activities where there's no access to a wall outlet. When the battery level is low, simply plug into a wall outlet with included power cord to charge it up again. The speaker can also be powered by the power cord or a 12V cigarette lighter adapter (included) for use in a vehicle.
The system comes with one handheld transmitter/microphone and one body-pack transmitter, which can be used with either a headset microphone or a lapel microphone. You have the convenience of choosing one out of the three microphones to use at a time depending on your application. In addition, the system has two additional microphone input jacks (3.5mm & 6.5mm) available if more microphones are needed, An audio input jack is available so you can play the music using the speaker by plugging in your CD player, cassette player or an MP3 player like iPod.
With its versatility and portability, this system has been widely used among the professions such as teachers, auctioneers, studio instructors and etc.
The package includes the speaker, one handheld microphone, one body-pack transmitter, one headset microphone, two lapel microphones, power cord, two 9V batteries, 12VDC adapter (cigarette lighter adapter), user manual and a carrying bag.
  • Portable PA with 50 watts maximum output power & wireless microphones
  • Built-in High Capacity Lithium rechargeable & replaceable high-capacity battery, ideal for outdoor activities
  • Aux input + additional 3.5mm & 6.5mm microphone inputs
  • Excellent portability with compact size & light weight