Hisonic HS125-EZ 6 Watts Waistband Amplifier, Black

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The Hisonic HS125EZ is a compact personal voice amplification system for people with low-volume speech (very soft speaking voices or esophageal speech). It is extremely useful for people with Parkinson's, MS and other conditions that cause a strain on the larynx. The HS125 is also ideal for professionals who place heavy demands on their voices, including teachers, tour guides, trainers and trade show presenters. The HS125EZ can give you 15 decibels of voice boost. Its operating time is between 6 to 8 hours depending on the volume setting. The system comes with a headset boom mic that has an adjustable boom so that the microphone can be positioned very close to your mouth for the best amplification with the least vocal effort. Weighing a little less than 2 lbs. (with batteries), The HS125EZ offers you maximum physical comfort and discreet wearing and allows you independence and ease of communication with everyone anywhere you go.
  • Boosts your voice by 16 decibels
  • Includes headset microphones with adjustable boom
  • Built-in battery charger (sold separately)
  • Light weight and fully portable and stylish design