Hisonic HS110R Rechargeable & Portable Wireless PA System

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The HS110R is an invaluable tool for professionals who place heavy demands on their voices, including auctioneers, teachers, tour guides, trainers and trade show presenters. It can also be used by people who are speech challenged (very soft speaking voices or esophageal speech). It is extremely helpful for people with Parkinson's, MS and other conditions that cause a strain on the larynx.
This unit comes with a wireless belt-pack transmitter with a range of 100 feet without cutting in and out, you can choose either a lapel or a headset microphone to use at a time, if additional microphone needed, you can use the microphone input jack to plug in. Though this unit is compact in size and weighs only a little over a pound, it can amplify your voice up to a peak power of 25 watts. A carrying bag is included for excellent portability. You can also use it to play music by connecting your CD player, MP3 player or ipod to the audio input jack.
One unique feature of this system is its 20-second digital recorder, you can record your message and play it over and over simply by pressing a button. Multiple frequencies available for easy system expansion. The amp powers on 6 AA size batteries and the belt-pack on a 9V battery, both can be charged by plugging the unit into a wall outlet. The batteries when fully charged can last 4-8 hours depending on the settings.

  • Both indoor and outdoor use with built-in AA and 9V battery chargers
  • 20 Seconds digital recorder for repeated play, ideal for trade shows and field trips
  • Hands-Free Belt-pack transmitter with one headset and lapel microphone,
  • Additonal microphone and audio (CD player, MP3, ipod and etct) inputs available
  • Light weight and carrying bag provides excellent portability