Hisonic HS100A 2.4G 40-Channel Auto-pairing Wireless Headset Microphone

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Hisonic HS100A 2.4G Headset Microphone and Receiver Kit is a voice signal transmission and reception device that wirelessly transmits your voice to some audio playback devices such as active speakers, power amplifiers, external sound cards, PCs, etc. It uses 2.4GHz short-wave frequency hopping technology, automatic radio scanning, address-to-code matching, and easy frequency matching. It also has excellent immunity to interference, transmission distance and low power consumption. It has a built-in non-directional microphone for clear, bright audio transmission. It's easy to use, it's easy to connect directly to a variety of Ø3.5mm and ¼ inches audio input jacks, and it works with Hisonic or other third-party audio products, flexible, plug-and-play, compact and lightweight. Suitable for carrying around. It is divided into separate transmitters and receivers. The receiver is connected to other audio devices for use. The transmitter portion can be combined into a head style of microphone using the attached headphone clip, or the headphone clip and be peeled off into a handheld of microphone. It has built-in polymer lithium batteries and Micro-USB universal 5V charging ports.

Transmission Frequency Range: 40 Automatic Channels @ 2.405GHz - 2.485GHz
Modulation Mode: FSK
Impedance: ≤ 680Ω
Sensitivity: 45dB
Frequency Response: 60Hz - 13,000Hz
Charge Power: DC 5V|500mA+
Battery Capacity: Rechargeable Lithium Battery 3.7V|450mAh