DEGEN DE1126 Ultra-Thin AM/FM/SW Radio with 4GB MP3 Player, Voice Recorder & E-Book Reader

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Introducing the latest model released by Degen, the DE1126 is a versatile little radio with lot of functions & features. It seamlessly combines a conventional pocket radio, a 4GB MP3 player, a radio recorder and a voice recorder altogether into an incredibly light and compact gadget, which measures only ½ inch thick and weighs less 5 ounces without the batteries. Powered by one BL-5C Lithium rechargeable battery, this digital PLL world band receiver with DSP (digital signal processing) will keep you connected to a comprehensive frequency range including FM, AM, shortwave. If you plan on traveling with a radio, the DE1126 is a very good choice. You can either listen to the DE1126 via the built-in D50mm speaker or with the included earphones. Beyond the ability to tune into various radio bands, the DE1126 also features a built-in battery charger, plugs it into an wall outlet with the included AC plug or connect it to your computer with a USB cable. The DE1126 can also be used as a MP3 player with 4GB flash memory, you can also use the DE1126 to record any radio program or use it as a voice recorder. Depending on the sampling rate, the DE1126 can record up to 150 hours of radio program.

Radio Specification:

FM: 64.0 - 108.0MHz (Stereo)
MW: 522 - 1710kHz (9k/10k tuning step)
SW: 2.3Mhz - 23MHz
248 Preset memories (FM-99, MW-25, SW-99)
Noise Limit Sensitivity : FM < 5uV, MW < 2.5uV/m, SW <50uV 40dB
Five Tuning Mode:
- Jog dial
- Auto Scan
- ATS (Auto Tuning Storage)
- Memory Tuning
- Manual Memory Scan
Size: 4 ½ x 2 ½ x ¾ inches
Weight: 4.3 Oz

What is in the box:

Degen DE1126
DC 5v adaptor (Input AC110-240v US plug)
Stereo headphone
BL-5C Rechargeable battery
USB Cable
Carrying pouch
User Manual
Lithium 3.7v BL-5C Rechargeable Battery