Tekpower BM5268 Digital Clamp Meter AC DC 600V AC Current 600A

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Tekpower Small Size Clamp On Meter BM5268 is a convenient companion for electricians who need to check current and voltage. This meter measure AC current up to 600A, perfect for air conditioner and refrigerator repairs. It checks temperature with a K-type thermos probe. As a combined clamp meter and digital multimeter, it measures Frequency Duty Cycle and Capacitance. It measures AC and DC voltage up to 600V.
  • Clamp Meter + Multimeter
  • AC/DC V/A Resistance Frequency Capacitance and 5-range Inductance
  • High accuracy display and stable output
  • Auto Power Off and Data Hold
  • Capacitance and Frequency Measurement

What's in the Box:
  • Clamp Meter BM5268
  • Test Leads
  • Temperature Sensor
  • User's Manual

1. DC Voltage: 400mV-4V-40V-400V-600V
2. AC Voltage: 400mV-4V-40V-400V-600V
3. AC Current: 4A-40A-400A-600A
4. Resistance: 400Ohms-4K-400K-40M-40M Ohms
5. Capacitance: 10nF-100nF-10uF-100uF-100uF-10mF
6. Frquency: 100Hz-1Khz-10Kh-1Mhz-10Mhz-40Mhz
7. Duty: 1% -99%
8. Temperature: -50 C-300C, -58F-600F
301C- 1000C , 601F -1832F
9. Diode Test
10. Continuity Test