Tekpower TP3006D Linear Variable DC Power Supply, 30V,6A Low Noise,Lab Grade

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This is a linear power supply that built with a high quality transformer, plus, it is a dual input transformer that works on both 110V and 220V. The out is stable than switch power less noise. The constant output makes it easy for many usages, it is perfect for lab use or electronic study. What's more, the unit is equipped with coarse and fine controls for adjusting both voltage and current, making it extremely easy to set the output to your desired level. The unit comes with 2 back-lit LCD displays, providing accurate readout for the voltage and current values. It comes with a input selection switch, you may use with 110V or 220V. It is used in a school lab or science central. The ripple is small and voltage is stable.

  • Linear Power supply, Continuous voltage adjustment from 0 to 30 volts, current from 0 to 6 amps
  • Coarse/Fine Adjustment for both Voltage and Current
  • 110V/220V selectable Input, you can use it in USA or Europe
  • Back-lit LCD digital display

Input: 110V or 220V, the factory default is set at 110V, so be careful to your power voltage before plug it in.
-Voltage : 0-30V
-Current: 0-6 Amps