Tecsun PL-368 AM FM Shortwave Radio Receiver with DSP and SSB Black

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The Tecsun PL-368 is an upgraded version of PL-360 with improved receptions and more features such as SSB and Longwave. This PLL synthesized receiver picks up a wide range of broadcasting including AM, FM, shortwave and Longwave. To tune into a station, you can use one of the following 4 methods: Tuning knob, memory, ATS tuning & Tecsun's own & unique ETM (Easy Tuning Mode). Different from ATS, the ETM does a more comprehensive scanning of all receivable frequencies without taking up the memory spaces, it offers you an easy access to all local stations, ideal for traveling. There are also a total of 850 memories available for tuning into your favorite stations. Another unique feature of the PL-368 is its high sensitivity external AM ferrite antenna, which greatly enhances the radio’s AM reception, ideal for picking up long distance AM or stations with weak signals.


- Full band: global broadcasting system

- SSB minimum step 10Hz

- SYNC synchronous detection

- DSP digital signal processing

- Smart meter band display

- 9K/10K medium wave step selection

- Keyboard lock function

- ETM+ convenient tuning

- ATS automatic station search/save station

- Memorize 850  stations

- FM coverage 64-108MHz, 87-108MHz


- Broadband/Narrowband AM bandwidth selection

- Direct input frequency/address

- Smart sleep shutdown

- Timing boot

- Thermometer

- FM stereo

- Smart screen lighting

- Lithium battery powered

- USB smart charging

New Functions:

- Friendly human-machine interface and easy operation

- Can receive FM stereo, medium wave, long wave, short wave, single sideband (SSB) communication signals

- Use modern DSP digital demodulation technology to improve listening sensitivity, selectivity, signal-to-noise ratio and anti-interference ability

- FM reception range 64-108MHz, suitable for global FM broadcast reception

- Shortwave single sideband (SSB) minimum step 10Hz, upper sideband (USB) and lower sideband (LSB) are received independently

- Apply synchronous detection technology to suppress adjacent channel interference

- 7 ways to select channels: convenient tuning (ETM+), automatic search and browse radio frequency, automatic search and browse stored radio stations, manual search for radio frequency (VF), manual search for stored radio stations (VM), direct input of frequency numbers, direct input of saved radio station's address number

- Enhanced convenient tuning (ETM+), ETM is carried out in the unit of hour for short wave and 6 time periods for medium wave, which is more convenient for tuning

- It can store up to 850 radio frequencies manually, semi-automatically and fully automatic (ATS), among which 100 frequency points for FM/long wave/single sideband/synchronous detection can be stored, 150 for medium wave, and 300 for short wave

- Multifunctional display: It can display the working status of radio frequency, electric field intensity, signal-to-noise ratio, temperature, battery capacity, etc.

- Adopt high-quality and high-sensitivity speakers, beautiful sound, you can use headphones to hear FM stereo

- With broadcast timing automatic power-on function

- Very user-friendly power switch function: you can set automatic shutdown after 1-120 minutes after booting, or cancel automatic shutdown function

- With medium wave external antenna socket

- Powered by lithium battery or USB power supply, or be charged

- Product size: 2.1 x 6.4 x 1 inches 


Frequency range and tuning step:

* Long wave (LW): 153-513kHz

* Medium Wave (MW/AM): 520-1710kHz/522-1620kHz

* Shortwave (SW1): 1711-29999kHz

* Frequency Modulation (FM): 64-108MHz/76-108MHz/87-108MHz/88-108MHz

Noise limit sensitivity:

* Long wave (S/N=26dB): <10mV/m

* AM (S/N=26dB): <1mV/m

* Shortwave (S/N=26dB): <20μV

* Frequency modulation (S/N=30dB): <3μV


* Long wave: >60dB

* AM: >60dB

* Shortwave: >60dB

* Frequency modulation: >60dB

* Locking range of synchronous detection frequency: ±1kHz

* Intermediate frequency (DSP): AM 45kHz; FM 128KHz

* FM stereo separation: ≥35dB

* Speaker: diameter 40mm, 16Ω, 0.5W

Storable frequency address (excluding ETM):

* Longwave/FM: 100 each

* Single sideband/synchronous detection: 100 each

* Medium Wave: 150

* Shortwave: 300

* Maximum output power: about 350mW

Quiescent current:

* Long wave/medium wave/frequency modulation: <25mA

* Shortwave: <45mA

* Standby current: <90μA


PL368 Radio
English User Manual
AM antenna
Carrying pouch
BL-5C Battery